Welcome! It is November 25th, 2015 - local time is 10:53 PM
PLP Meetings have been SUSPENDED.

Please note that due to lack of attendance and busy summer months for our members, we have suspended monthly meetings of the Palouse Liberty Project. It is our goal to regroup in the fall, and once again meet regularly. Reminders and updates are sent out via the Palouse Liberty Project Mailing List, so make sure you are signed up! See our Meetings page for more details.

Welcome to the Palouse Liberty Project!

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Palouse Liberty Project. We have been mischaracterized by some as "Right Wing" or "Republican." While we do hold many values that could be described as conservative, in truth – our views would be most accurately described as "Libertarian," "Classical Liberalism" or "laissez-faire liberalism."

But enough about labels. As our founders did, The Palouse Liberty Project promotes Individual Rights, Limited Government and Liberty.

The mission of the Palouse Liberty Project is to promote the fundamental American principles of classical liberalism and the restoration of the Constitution through education in our communities. Through our efforts, we intend to be an incubator for enlightened and informed activism. We urge our members, both collectively and independently, to engage in the political process so their voices may be heard.

We invite you to join us for one of our monthly meetings, held on the second Thursday of every month. If communicating on the web is more your style, visit our facebook page, and leave a post on our wall! Regardless, thanks for visiting!

A Positive Local Force For Preserving The Founder's Intents...

Our group was born out of the National 9-12 Project on March 13, 2009. Originally known as "The Palouse 9-12 Project," we still very much believe in the original nine principles and twelve values which defined the launch of that movement. However, it is our belief that you can hold as many values and/or principles you like, but without Liberty to exercise those beliefs, they are all fairly moot.

In our local communities of Pullman (WA), Moscow (ID) and surrounding areas - our outreach is primarily eductional, where we encourage political activism and educate citizens about the U.S. Constitution and it's relevance to current events. In recent months, we have both fielded and consulted with candidates for local office. As time progresses, we hope to establish ourselves firmly within local politics, and help drive one or both parties back to a more reasonable, constitutional footing.

Regardless of your political persuasion, if you believe in peace and tranquility, government constrained by the constitution and the rule of law, and the founding principles which have made our nation EXCEPTIONAL... then you have found kindred spirits in the membership of the Palouse Liberty Project!

Get YOUR Essential Liberty!

The Essential Liberty Pocket Reference Guide contains the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Additionally, an inspiring historical introduction by the Patriot Post's executive editor Mark Alexander, the Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution, the Declaration of the Cause and Necessity of Taking Up Arms, the Virginia Declaration of Rights, The Articles of Confederation, various state plans from the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, and a wide selection of quotations from the Founding Fathers.

The Palouse Liberty Project will be distributing these booklets throughout the summer, at the Moscow Farmer's Market and other locations, FREE OF CHARGE! Make sure to pick up your free copy of this powerful (and handy) reference tool!

Standing for the Second Amendment!

The Palouse Liberty Project was your Gun Rights Rally organizer for Pullman, Moscow and the Palouse! For years, we have helped to raise awareness of the constitution, liberty and natural law through our rallies and monthly meetings. Our events have touched thousands, and it is possible that we are responsible for more overt political activism than any other group in our region, EVER.

That tradition continued with our rally in favor of Gun Rights on April 19.

If you missed the rally or simply want an opportunity to listen to any or all of our presentations again - or share them with a friend, please visit our Gun Rights Rally page and check out our YouTube videos!



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